MedEvac VR Simulator


Designed to provide military & civilian aeromedical retrieval specialists the opportunity to practice their skills and implement their knowledge in an immersive simulator replicating real-world airframes, environments and complexities.

Why use VR to Train Military and Civilian Aeromedical Teams?

The Real Response MedEvac trainer utilises leading standalone VR hardware to allow medics to train a range of critical medical and trauma scenarios from the safety of a 3mx3m room. The system is designed to be sent all over the world and allows for training governance for medics while in deployment or when an organisation’s workforce is geographically spread out.

How does it work?

The user puts on their headset and within 1min they are able to set up their training space and launch the Real Response MedEvac simulator. During registration, the user is able to choose if they would like to be assessed or not. If they are assessed, results can be populated and transferred to a client’s student management system via an API.

The user then runs through a series of scenarios within a series within the headset practicing skills, clinical decision making, drug calculations and communication.


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