Emergency Response


Emergency Response drills are a perfect use case for virtual training technological disruption. Traditionally emergency drills and response drills require the shut down of a site, taking a lot of staff out of work, significant planing, execution and debriefing. This can become exceptionally expensive and often time/cost prohibitive. Secondly, once its over there is no way to test new approaches, protocols/policies until the next drill which may be years away.

Deeply immersive learning outcomes and superior knowledge retention

This project was completed to support a large construction firm working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation. The system allowed users to practice their emergency response protocols in a safe, repeatable and cost effective manner. Once complete, debriefing can occur, and users can then go through the scenario again until they are confident in the implementation of their organisations emergency response plans. This project was site specific using photorealistic reproduction of the real-world environment the staff were working on.

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